Neurotrain Move – Musculoskeletal package

Is your shoulder stiff?

You cannot move your arm, leg or neck? 

Does your back hurt?

Get to know Neurotrain’s treatment package compiled for musculoskeletal pains!

Who is this package recommended to?

  • In case of accute/chronic changes in musculoskeletal function.
  • Loss of function (e.g.: raising of the arm, squatting), pain, limited range of motion, discomfort. 
  • If you feel restrained during everyday activities e.g. by an aching back, knee, etc.
  • If your condition improves after massage/treatment but the problem eventually returns.
  • For athletes to enhance performance.

Our aim is for you to find your center again, to regain ballance. During the treatments we apply Neurotrain-movement correction, complementary treatments, self-massage and active exercises.

What is worth knowing about the package?

The programme consists of three occasions. The method is special, it is not a massage or a direct body treatment. It might come as a surprise that during the treatments we do not necessarily work the afflicted body surface but we affect its more distant connections thus improving your condition. 

Wearing loose, comfortable clothing is recommended during the treatments. First we map out posture, movements and walking. This is followed by a muscule tone examination (sitting in a chair/lying on your back – holding out your arm/leg). If needed, we apply complementary treatments e.g. cupping therapy, taping, ear seeds, manual treatment, self-massage, active exercises. At least 3-7 days pass between the three treatments.

The structure of the therapy

1. Neuro-movement correction

Our body is a big sensory, transforming and executive unit all at the same time. It lets stimuli in, filters, transforms and turns them into actions. When we function harmoniously, our muscles switch on (we can throw a ball). And when needed, they switch off (we sleep in a relaxed manner). But quite often because of certain stimuli they remain switched on. Just like leaving a lamp on all night. This is also a way of using your body but it is much more exhausting and you have to change your “lightbulb” much earlier.

The Neuro-movement correction sets your electric network so that whenever you need it, you can switch the lamp on and off.

What exactly does this mean?

With the method of Neuro-movement correction we investigate the whole body because oftentimes the root cause is at the most distant point. We examine mechanical connections, as well as the reflex answers triggered by chemicals and emotions. Yes, there is a connection thanks to the network of the nervous system, among others, which connects everything in our body. It carries information to the processing, controlling system (e.g.: the brain). Furthermore, it also carries information the opposite direction, to the executive units (muscles, organs, glands, etc.) The blocks that have formed in the locations of our injuries hinder the flow of information. There can be a block anywhere along the path of the signal, therefore we investigate across the whole body.

2. Complementary treatments

  • cupping therapy: vacuum treatment that can leave a reddish/purplish mark on the skin but very effectively enhances the blood flow to the given area and thus relaxes muscles and elliviates pain.
  • kinesio tape: a flexible tape that can be applied to the skin.
  • ear seed: glued into the ear it helps normalise gut movement.
  • manual treatment: soft tissue mobilisation treatment.

3. Self-massage and physiotherapy

Eastern and Western medicine combined, we customize the exercises to individual needs.

Worth of the Neurotrain Move package

95 000 HUF

95 000 HUF

3 occasions
Complemetary occasions if necessary: 33 000 HUF


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