Neurotrain Focus Intense – package for developing concentration and cognitive skills

What is our goal?

During our Neurotrain Focus therapy our goal is to develop the nervous system and cognitive functions through multi-sensor stimuli. This means that we stimulate the nervous system through visual, auditive and kinesthetic means as well, thereby striving to develop social-emotional, sensory and cognitive functions.

Who is this package recommended to?

  • Children who have difficulties concentrating and learning. Who underperform in school compared to their abilties.
  • Teenagers who are exhausted, scatter-brained, have lost interest in learning, sports, their hobbies or even social life.
  • Adults who feel burnt out, dissatisfied with their work or sports performance.
  • To those, irrespective of age, who have become exhausted with constant stress and anxiety.

Which areas can be developed?

  • auditory hypersensitivity 
  • social skills
  • communication 
  • regulation of emotions 
  • concentration
  • cognitive functions (reading, writing) 
  • visual and auditory processing 
  • movement and coordination
  • mood, self-confidence

Its structure

The complete programme takes up about 4 months. During this time we meet 20 times in person on a weekly basis. Apart from the common, mainly movement-based practice a high-level work at home on a daily basis is also necessary for development. This takes up to 20-30 minutes per day.

During practice along with listening to specific musical material, we do entertaining movement, ballance and visual exercises. Part of the exercises learnt at the sessions are important for you to repeat regularly during your everyday life as well. We provide the instructions and aids necessary for this.

On the first occasion we start with a thorough check up where we do our best to map out the goals, strengths and weaknesses. Based on what we experience here we plan how to go on customized to individual needs and we start working together.

What is worth knowing about the package?

There can be many causes of the weakening of cognitive skills, the decrease of concentration. Nutrition, a sedanatary lifestyle, lack of sleep, chronic stress and a loss of ballance in the nervous system can al play a role. Development is the most effective if it works in the greatest number of areas possible. 

It is also important for the training not to last for many months and for it to be aptly interesting and attractive for children and adults alike.

Luckily, alongside neurological background sciences biotechnology has also greatly developed. In Neurotrain we a re proud that we have compiled the programme from the newest findings of functional neurology and the most modern tools of biotechnology.

Chronic stress, previous trauma can put the neurological system off ballance and the hyperfunction of the sympathetic nervous system makes any traditional treatment difficult. That is why the settling of the nervous system’s stress-based functioning is recommended. This is what our programme focuses on in its initial phase so that the later period can become easier and you can become more receptive. During the whole development there is going to be a great emphasis on music. We shall work with specially filtered musical auditory material which, above the auditive stimulus, thanks to bone conduction provides the nervous system with further stimulus. During practice you will encounter playful movements, soothing breathing techniques and tasks affecting several sensory organs. Through combined multi-sensory perception it develops the brain and relaxes the body. It helps you exploit hidden physical and mental abilities in an entertaining way. It helps you perceive and process sensory information.

Worth of the Neurotrain Focus Intense package

690 000 HUF

690 000 HUF

4-month intense programme
Biotechnological aids
Specially filtered musical auditory material
Creative, playful, comprehensive exercises


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