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We apply it in case of altered functions (decrease of range of motion, pain, etc). 

It is easiest to explain with the example of an IT cabel. Imagine you have a cabel which transfers information between your computer (brain) and the screen (the body). A disturbance of information can happen two ways. 

  1. An information block, an obstruction is created (a software anomaly). The software: the signal transferring system of the nervous system.
  • A simple block (mechanical)
  • Stressor based reflex strain (chemicals, nutrition, emotional, etc.)
  1. A knot on the cable (a hardware anomaly) The hardware: anatomical structural unit: bone, muscle, tendon, skin, tissue, nerv, vein.

In neither of these cases is the trnasferring of the signal optimal. With the method of neuro-movement corretion we can treat the information block itself and normalise the signal path system. Treatment of the simple blocks is easy and lasting. The quality of the stressor based reflexes changes after a single correction but in order for a long term result to last cooperation and time is required. When a physical knot causes the change or absence of the signal, physical intervention is needed. In this case change requires a longer time and its degree and quality varies. It depends on the starting point, motivation and inclination for change. In dental medicine in case of hardware anomalies we work with the following tools and possibilities:

  • Bite raisers
  • Rails
  • Orthodontic devices
  • Active movements, exercises.

During the treatment it is not only the passive elements of the braces that do their job in your mouth, you can also help. Do you take part in your life or do you just observe from the outside? Our goal is connecting with oneself, getting to know and improving the functioning of our body.

In case of software problems the improvement and ceasing of the symptoms.

In case of hardware problems a change in symptoms. In case of accute, inflamed tissues the change is minimal. After the healing of the tissue greater change can be achieved.

You can find our complementary treatment among our services.


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